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Highest Rated Invoice Factoring Program in the Nation!

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Convert Your Accounts Receivable into CASH!

If your business is like many growing companies, you may find that a large percentage of your working capital exists in the form of receivables.

While receivables look great on a balance sheet, they're not much help when it comes time to pay your bills. Without an adequate amount of cash in the bank, your hands are tied.

First American Finance Corp. has the highest rated invoice financing program in the nation. Get the most competitive pricing, flexible terms and the quickest funding in the industry!

Low Per diem rates (.133% to .170%)
No Up-front or hidden fees
No Volume or time commitments
No Unproductive reserve accounts
No Inadequate credit limits
No Personal guarantees

First American Finance Corporation helps to improve your cash flow by purchasing your accounts receivable invoices. This is called "Accounts Receivable Factoring" and it's been used for years by many successful companies as an alternative funding source during periods of growth.

Instead of waiting 30, 60, 90 or more days to get paid, you can get paid now and start putting your cash to work immediately.

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Accounts receivable financing ("factoring") is an unlimited line of credit for business-to-business companies based upon the credit-worthiness of their customers.

Here are some important "factoring facts"

  • Receivables financing provides in excess of 100 billion dollars of cash flow to industry each year.

  • This established financial service has been used for decades by multi-billion dollar companies and is now available to smaller sized businesses to whom banks are either reluctant to lend funds or reluctant to lend sufficient funds needed for the continued growth of a young business.

  • This method of finance does not require you to pledge any collateral or assets, and you do not need an audited financial statement.

  • Many companies can effectively stimulate or manage growth with these lines of credit.

  • Sell your accounts receivable invoices and get cash within 24 hours guaranteed. Between 70% and 80% of the value of the invoice is advanced to you and the reserve (difference) is paid to you when the customer pays (the fees are taken off the top).

  • Lines of credit considered "factoring" are not loans, there are no contracts for term length or volume of business you send in.

  • With this financial tool a company may fund their growth internally without creating any debt, and also might be able to receive early pay discounts, cash discounts or volume discounts from suppliers.

  • Bring all or as many accounts as wanted up to a C.O.D. level. A/R financing "factoring" can help replenish inventory quickly, meet payroll demands or improve balance sheets for mergers, acquisitions or business sale.

  • Many companies find that having access to their business earnings quickly and not having their money tied up in 30, 60 or 90 day terms as well as the previously mentioned possible financial benefits can make A/R financing very cost effective, which in turn can make this an excellent alternative working capital strategy.

  • This cash flow tool can be used exclusively or to compliment any credit arrangements you might already have, such as banks. Keep in mind that extending credit to slow paying customers costs you money!

The bottom line is you must have good cash flow so you can turn your money fast and keep it working for you!  Apply online now!

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